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Guilford Elementary excited to be partnering with The Birthday Smiles Project!

Meeting Kush Jenkins and learning about his Birthday Smiles Project, I realized just how much our families would be helped by the initiative. In just a few weeks, the Birthday Smiles Project will bring much needed assistance to parents who want to surprise their children with a birthday cake and joy to the children who deserve to have a celebration. The cake, after all, is often the pinnacle of the event! It is also a costly part and many families do not have means to provide one. We are so very excited that Kush has chosen Guilford Elementary to be one of his partner schools.

When I asked Kush how many families could be included, his answer spoke to the dedication and expectation he has for his company and the people who work with him. He told me that there really is no limit, he just wants to help as many parents as he can and bring an extra element of surprise to the children he wants to serve. I was truly impressed with the earnestness in which he spoke about his reason for starting the project and his goals for its future success in building a bridge to communities in need.

It is certainly true that birthdays are a time for families to enjoy one another and food, particularly a cake, is an integral and essential part of the celebration. Having a cake to commemorate one’s special day is something that makes every child feel special. In fact, as people gather around the cake their attention is immediately focused to the birthday girl or boy and that can do wonders for a child’s self-esteem. Believing in themselves, the children are more attentive learners and hold a more positive feeling about school and their capacity to excel.

Thank you, Kush Jenkins for your hard work in bringing this project to Guilford Elementary!

K. Thompson

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We support Birthday Smiles because it is a testament to our vision as a company to make the lives of the everyday student just a bit more convenient, a bit more lively. By supporting, Birthday Smiles – you are ensuring every student in Virginia and soon the United States as a birthday to celebrate, a moment to remember. A few hundred dollars can literally put smiles on the faces of hundreds of students in an entire school and we are proud to be part of the moment of the everyday student, to give them a birthday to remember. Keep Giving, Keep Smiling. 🙂 X-Mode with our flagship applications facilitates college safety across the United States with over 1 million college students using us monthly.

Josh Anton

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Pastor Herman Alston Jr.

In 2010 The Laury Foundation partnered with the Birthday Smiles Project to support their efforts in

giving birthday cakes to children in underserved communities. As a pastor and a community leader, I

have seen the negative effects on children’s self-esteem caused by being overlooked on their birthday.

These negative effects can have a snowball effect in a child’s life, effecting a child’s grades, social

interactions, and self-worth. To be involved with a program like The Birthday Smiles Project, and actively

try to bring a celebration to every child’s birthday is a blessing. The work they are doing is changing lives,

changing families, and changing communities. I am proud to be associated with their organization and I

pray nothing but God’s grace on their efforts in the community.

Pastor Herman Alston Jr.
Macedonia Baptist Church